How to download porn safely

Today, porn is easily accessible at the click of a mouse. Despite the abundance of streaming content, including the immersive VR-enhanced smut, you may still need to download the porno video to your device. In addition to standard safety measures, be sure to double your attention, as porn collections are associated with heightened risk.  Basically, the recommended measures include careful selection of sources and the use of reliable scanning services.

VR: porn in the virtual reality

The spread of VR porn has. been rapid, with some studios even abandoning conventional formats for the sake of realistic immersion. Without exaggeration, VR has caused a new porn revolution and altered human perception of visual pleasure forever. Nowadays, pornography is no longer passively watched – it is experienced, and to deliver such sensations, studios have several tools at their disposal.

How much porn does the internet actually contain?

Sex is the most profitable industry in the world, and porn brings immense profits. Adult content caters to primal human instinct and desires and has always attracted millions. Today, it is even reported to constitute as much as half of the internet content. But does it really?